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Protect your family

Invest in your health

Save up to 80% on your drinking water

Protect your pipes and home appliances

Clean. Pure. Fresh.

Our Products

Sonapra offers cost-effective solutions for health, comfort, protection and pleasure. Enjoy clean, safe, better tasting water; softer skin and hair, and cleaner laundry while protecting your pipes and home appliances from scaling and damage. Drink only the highest quality water free from bacteria, viruses, parasites, sediments and heavy metals. Invest in your health and protect your immune system during this coronavirus pandemic!

Our Services

We provide a wide range of reliable services that leave our clients at ease and ensure our water filtration systems work in the best condition for many years to come. From boreholes to water treatment, we’ve got you covered!

Borehole Drilling
Quick, efficient and organized. Our comprehensive borehole services will leave you thankful for choosing Sonapra
On-site Installation
We offer free installations for all of our products in Accra and Tema.
Industries we cater to

Sonapra caters to a wide range of industries and has maintained a strong list of clients in each industry sector for over 15 years. Find out why.




Food & Beverage


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    About Us

    Sonapra: Complete Water Solutions is Ghana’s leading water treatment equipment supplier and consultancy firm. We supply, install and maintain water filtration systems capable of treating any type of water for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use. 

    We are affiliated with multinational companies such as Pentair Europe, Purepro USA and Vulcan Germany and we have consultants across the globe that help us design unique water solutions for our clients.

    Why Choose Us

    Sonapra is an ethical, trustworthy and customer-centric business with over 15 years of experience in this field. We use our technical expertise to design innovative water solutions catered to the individual needs of our clients; optimizing space utilization, minimizing expenses and maximizing quality standards. We conduct free installations, provide reliable back up services and support, and always have spare parts in stock.  We envision a future where every Ghanaian has easy access to safe, affordable drinking water and we aspire to be Ghana’s one stop shop for all problems related to water.

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