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Borehole Drilling

We provide a comprehensive Borehole Drilling service which includes the following:


  1. Geophysical Surveillance  

A geological survey of the terrain determines the best drilling point to access pockets of water in the ground based on the soil quality and depth of water available.


  1. Drilling

We send an experienced team to drill at your pre-approved site. After drilling, a 12-hour pumping test is carried out to determine the yield and recovery rate of the borehole.


  1. Water Quality Testing

A chemical water analysis is done to determine the quality of water.


  1. Water Treatment

We customize cost-effective water treatment solutions catered to your borehole.  


  1. Automation and Mechanization

We completely mechanize and automate new and old boreholes with pumps catered to your specific needs. This means that:

  1. If the raw water tank is full, the borehole pump will stop supplying water to the tank to prevent overflow and wastage.

  2. If the borehole is dry, the pump will stop to prevent a vacuum that could damage the pump.

  3. The pump will start and shut off automatically after running for a certain number of hours to cool down and prevent the pump motor from burning out.


  1. Decommissioning and Rehabilitation

We decommission boreholes using the appropriate methodology to allow for construction and avoid future foundational damage, leakages and smells. We also rehabilitate existing boreholes after an inspection to determine the possibility of revival.