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2 Stage Whole House Filter

2 Stage Whole House Filter

This whole house filter includes sediment and carbon block cartridges. It is placed on the main water line so that the water entering your home is clean and odour-free. It saves you the trouble of having to wash your water storage tank and increases the life of your plumbing fittings, home appliances and pipelines. It helps remove chlorine and chloramines from the water, making it safer and more gentle for your skin and hair; and better for washing laundry and watering your garden.


How it works:

Stage Technology Mechanism
1 Sediment Filter Screens out suspended particles such as dirt, sand and rust from water
2 Carbon Block Filter Removes organic contaminants that affect the taste, colour and odour of the water; including chlorine and chloramines and microbial cysts




Design:                       Double Heavy Duty Jumbo housing with sediment filter and carbon block cartridges, wall bracket and stand

                           High flow design with extremely low pressure drop

                           Built-in pressure release valve

                           Double O rings to make it extra leak-proof 

Output:                        100,000 to 300,000 L till cartridge change

Dimensions :               71 cm (h) x 41 cm (l) x 21 cm (w)

Max pressure:             120 psi

Included in the box:

      •   Handy spanner wrench


Additional Information:

  • Connects from Ghana Water Line and can treat Rain water, River water, Tanker water and some types of Borehole water


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