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About us

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Who we are

Sonapra: Complete Water Solutions is Ghana’s leading water treatment equipment and consultancy firm. We supply, install and maintain water filtration systems capable of treating any type of water; Ghana water supply, borehole water, rain/river/sea water and tanker water, for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use.


We are affiliated with multinational companies such as Pentair Europe, Purepro USA and Vulcan Germany and we have consultants across the globe that help us design unique water solutions for our clients.


Water is one of life’s most essential resources and our mission is to find smart, sustainable solutions to make the most of this valuable resource. There is an increasing global need for fresh water as most of our water sources are contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites,
sediments, salt and heavy metals. Our filtration systems ensure that these contaminants are removed and our water is safe for use. We envision a future where every Ghanaian has access to safe, affordable drinking water and we aspire to be Ghana’s one stop shop for all problems related to Water.

What we do

We strongly believe it is not enough to simply supply a water treatment system, leaving clients with the task of managing problems on their own. Therefore, we take responsibility for all our products and have a team of experienced technicians that ensure our systems are regularly serviced and work efficiently. We can be contacted anytime for help if problems arise. To further our mission and commitment to making the world a better place, we also offer comprehensive turn-key water filtration projects to provide safe, treated water to rural communities, schools and hospitals. We invite multinational corporations and charitable organizations to work with us as part of their CSR and public health initiatives to help make these projects a reality.

Water Treatment Consulting
Water treatment equipment and services
Drinking water filtration systems
Borehole drilling, decommissioning and rehabilitation
Waste Water Treatment
Maintenance and Repair Services

We are an ethical, trustworthy and customer centric business looking to find the highest quality and most affordable solutions for our clients.
We have consultants in USA, France, Italy, Switzerland and India for complex projects that require a team.
We have 15 years of experience in this field and have managed many large water treatment plants.
We do free installations in Accra and Tema.
We offer reliable after sales services and maintenance contracts for all our products.
We always have spare parts in stock.