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Ultra-Violet (UV) Sterilizers

Ultra-Violet (UV) Sterilizers

UV sterilizers are the most effective method for disinfecting water. They destroy 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms such as E-Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, without adding chemicals or altering the taste or odour of the water. It works by directly damaging the DNA of the bacteria, viruses and parasitic cysts so they can no longer make you sick.

However, ultraviolet purification systems are most effective when the water is first treated by a different filter, such as a sediment filter. 

UV Sterilizer Sizes (US Gallons per minute): 1 GPM, 6GPM, 12 GPM, 24 GPM, 36 GPM, 48 GPM


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